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At Cactus Fine Art we want to be more than just an online gallery, we want to spread what is behind each piece of craftsmanship, the incredible hands of whom created it and the beautiful place where it comes from.


Enedina teaching us how she recycles waste to create new pieces

Enedina teaching us how she recycles waste to create new pieces.

Visiting Oaxaca has been a true romance, with its streets, its food, its dances and above all, with its great craftsmen and its beautiful pieces of craftsmanship. Having the great fortune of meeting such noble and talented people has made us appreciate the value of their work much more.

Hard Working People. Hands working on wood and natural tints.           


Behind each piece there is a lot of time invested. A single piece can go through up to five different processes and each step to reach the final result takes a great amount of time and dedication. The richness of creativity and imagination of the artisans is surprising, each piece is unique in shape, color and above all, the meaning that every symbol drawn on the piece has.

Bright colors! Every symbol drawing on the piece has its own meaning. 


Having the opportunity to visit their homes and workshops, feel always welcome and to create bonds of friendship with them is invaluable. And being able to transmit that warmth and human essence to all of you, is one of our main goals.

Enedina showing us all the types of clay she works with. 


On this trip we realized how important it is to keep alive the traditions of our country. It was amazing to see that in most of the workshops we visited, there were young apprentices, interested in learning the techniques that their parents learned from the elders. One of the main attractions for which Mexico is recognized worldwide, is for its folk art. So please help us keep these traditions alive!

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