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Daniel Franco Perez

My name is Daniel Franco Perez, I am 35 years old and I was born and raised in Olinala, Guerrero. I dedicate myself to de creation and making of artesanias (Mexican folk art). I am passionate about my work and through it I have the opportunity to create an infinity of art pieces, that undoubtedly , have been promoted all over the world, some of them being bought by important leaders and diplomatics, even by the kings of Spain.

When I was a little kid I felt curiosity to see the pieces that my parents with so much care and dedication elaborate. Now, I feel really proud that I became a great Artisan.

I thank God for the opportunity that he gave me, and for the ability that in my hands I carry. I ask him every day that he keeps on helping me in my work. I also thank my parents because they gave me his inheritance, the great heritage to become a great artisan. My secret is that the brushes that I use I made them with cat hair, turkey feathers and chia, the chia is used to create sisa a mixture used to blend natural dyes. I have participated in different contest both in my state and in my country, and thanks to God I been awarded in some of them. This is the reason why I want to give my precious family the opportunity to continue with this amazing trade.

I am also thankful for my wife, because she gives me the support, kind works and affirmation that I need on a daily bases. Every day, before the sun comes out I already start working on a creation, that`s how a part of my life begins and I hope that they keep on creating this contest that are a great help for us artisans.

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