Meet the Artisan

Edith Albarran Duque

Edith Albarran & Cesar Montes Rosales has been crafting jewelry together.

Edith start with pure silver and add either copper or sterling silver to get a 9.25 mix for their work. Together they began Kutzi Joyeros in Patzcuaro, Michoacan where they live.

They make their own wire which for them is the most amazing part of the process because they start with a thick wire and can make it as small as a human hair. The designs used are sometimes inspired by dreams and others come from their cultural heritage or their own imaginations.

Over time many the art of silversmithing spread to other states in Mexico such as Michoacan. Many of Kutzi's designs are reminiscent of the Spratling era of silver jewelry making.

Edith Albarran Duque collection

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