Meet the Artisan

Jessica Yazmin Fuerte Alejo

She was born in Francisco Villa, municipality of Zinepecuaro, Michoacan. She was raised with her grandparents, who taught her traditions and values. She began to create with Feather Work more than 10 years ago, by the means of a workshop that arrived to her to community and that was imparted by Leticia Muñoz Castro, who taught a big class that were interested in this technique.

After a year of intense learning, she became passionate about the technique, designs, and rescued materials that were used. Driven to know more about this technique, she kept on working after she finished her workshop, and three years later she began to participate in different competitions and displays of her work.

She started as a hobby and little by little she created her collection, including the Aztec Calendar and the Goddess of the Moon Coyolxahuqui, one of the greatest and biggest works on her collection.

She asked for an opportunity to set a display of her collection in the municipality that she lives, because she wanted to show her technique to her people and participated them in their traditions. There are several contest along the year, both national and international and she works diligently to participate and shine in each one of them.

Jessica Yazmin Fuerte Alejo collection

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