Meet the Artisan

Luis Guillermo Olay Barrientos

Art: Straw Art and feather work.

Age: 63 years old.

Birthday: 02.22.54

Civil Status: Married.

Family (Sons and Daughters): Eng. Luis Gerardo Olay Blanco, Eng. Jerzain Antonio Olay Blanco, CPA. Gabriel Esteban Olay Blanco, BA. Abril Angeles Olay Blanco.

Parents: Gabriel Olay Olay and Alicia Barrientos Rodriguez.

Even though it is said that I`m a 5th generation member in the work of feather, I began this beautiful art with my father when I was still a Child. I helped him choosing feathers and drying them, later on I was able to develop creations, and it was until 1973 that I deliver my first piece to FONART in the area of popotillo (straw art).  I been dedicated to it since I was 15 years old, when I started doing applications with straws, it was until the 80s that I begin to do feather work, a discipline that I dedicated myself and that due to this I leave a side straw art for a while until 1997 when I decided to work with both equally.

In 1994 I started competing in artisans contest, my first participation was in the national contest The Hands of Mexico, where I was awarded 1st national place. Later on, I competed in the Great Award of Popular Art FONART, as well as many other events in Michoacan, such as Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday) in Uruapan organized by the House of Artesanias of the state of Michoacan. Also, I had the opportunity to participate in the International Fair of Horses, in the Cultural Development Foundation Banamex, Bancomer, Serfin, and in the Display of international Participations celebrated in Canary Islands, Spain and In the Museum of Fine Arts of Chicago, Illinois, all this contest gave me the opportunity to receive many awards and prizes that sometimes I don`t feel I deserve.

In 2009, I reached one of my greatest personal goals, I was awarded the Presidential Award of the Great Prize of Popular Art FONART, and this prize fills me with hope to believe that all my objectives will be reached through endeavor and perseverance.

This will be a little outline of my life experience of 45 years as an artisan.

Luis Guillermo Olay Barrientos collection

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