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Omar Fabian Canseco

He was born in the city of Oaxaca, in San Bartolo Coyotepec, pottery town with an important tradition in the prehispanic era. His grandparents were potters and his parents are potters, so he has been involved with the mud trade since he was a little boy. He did not like the trade at the beginning so he decided to study the Bachelors in Graphic Design and started working in that field by opening his own office and working with the state enterprises, until he decided to return to the family trade making his own creations with mud. He was not really interested in becoming a potter, until one of his experiments (a piece made out of strips) became a little tribute of a great starting.

This creations are made out of obsessive shaped lines and perfect burnish. They are creations with a really clear shape and a high quality that surpasses traditional mud work. This is a unique stamp that distinguishes his work and beautiful trade that have lines as a principal element of design, reason why every time he finishes a piece he signs it with straight lines as a tribute to his beginnings.

The black mud market is really competitive in San Bartolo Coyotepec, due to the fact that nearly 70% of the inhabitants of the village are dedicated to this trade. Omar wanted to leave this career due to the low sales, but when this happen he created his first “Calada” draft piece with straight lines called TRANSPARENCIA, a really risky draft that encompassed a wide variety of cuts and shapes that award him a 2nd place in a State Contest, this was his first award in his career and motivated him to keep on the pursue, even in the hardest moments.

It was until 9 years ago that he dedicated himself to work full time in this beautiful trade, taking the straight line as his element to work. He uses lines in all his forms with geometric shapes and spherical forms that give contrast to his mud pieces. During this time his Designer career emerged along with his artisan side, creating outrageous shapes, cuts, playful forms, shades on mud and innovative fresh themes that impregnate mud design with carving, ceramic, drawing, art history and photography workshops.

Currently he is being awarded:

1st place in May 2009, freestyle category.

2nd place in the “VIII Benito Juarez State Award 2009”.

1st place in the 2nd Black Mud Contest, April 2010.

Honorific mention in the National Award in Tlaquepaque Jalisco 2010.

1st place in the Black Mud Contest of April 2011.

1st place “XI State Award Benito Juarez 2012”.

1st place “XI State Award Benito Juarez 2013”.

Along with collective and individual Displays in and out the country.

Currently, his work is being exposed in the most important galleries of Mexico, Valle de Bravo, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, United States, Spain, Germany and India.

Omar Fabian Canseco collection

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