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Rossana Regina Ramirez Pacheco

My name is Rossana Regina Ramirez Pacheco, I was born and raises in Oxkutzcab, Yucatan. I started this business 5 years ago and since I was a little girl I loved to create new, original pieces.

I started working with seeds, from making necklaces to decorative pictures, after that I became interested in mixing different materials such as leather, semi-precious stones, lek (a small, woody container) and other representative materials of my culture.

To me, the artesania (Mexican Folk Art) is a passion, each one of my creations displays feelings and magic, the ability to create different pieces and imprint them with a little of my culture makes me feel complete and proud of myself.

In my head there are no limitations and every day I wake up with a different idea, I feel really proud of my roots and culture, thanks to this I have obtained many statal awards and this gives me the strength to move forward and keep on teaching through my Mayan culture creations.

Pedro Joaquin Beltran Aban, born and raises in Tekax, Yucatan has oriented me in my work since 5 years ago, in the making of artesanias of mud, lek, bone and nickel silver filigree. In them I work from jewelry to decorative pieces. I am passionate about Mayan culture, and its preservation of different techniques and histories that they imprinted in their creations, also I love mixing and innovating always preserving history of this amazing culture.

I am 34 years old, and I feel really happy to promote the Mexican culture through art creation, which motivates me to create outstanding pieces that show the richness of the Mexican history to the world.

Rossana Regina Ramirez Pacheco collection

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