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Vicente Castillo Dionicio

Vicente Castillo Dionicio was born in Olinala, Guerrero, on July 9th of 1967. During his early years, his family had many financial issues, they had a really low income and they were supported by their parent's artisan career, same that he learned later on to support their family.

When he turned 10 years old, he began to work creating artesanias with his parents and siblings. As the tradition dictated for the last 80 years, that was the age that kids were supposed to be involved with the artesania work, and when he was 12 he started developing the rayado technique (scratching technique).

Since they had not enough resources to continue with his and his sibling's education, he just attended to elementary and junior high. When he was 20 years old, he married his now wife, Florencia Espinal Ramirez, with whom conformed a workshop to support their family, the Castillo Espinal kids: Leandro, Edgar, and Betzy Ived, whom also helped in the creation of artesanias.

He had a special enthusiasm for artesania making since he was a little kid, especially on the development of the rayado technique, since then he has dedicated himself to the tradition of artesania creation of Olinala, Guerrero.

He began participating in local and national contest in 1993, when he was awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, standing out for the quality, uniqueness, and technique of his work.

Nowadays he has participated in the national award of great masters, which is conformed by master artisans that have been awarded on several occasions.

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