Sueño Real / Woodcarving Alebrije Mexican Folk Art Sculpture

Sueño Real / Woodcarving Alebrije Mexican Folk Art Sculpture

Laura Sosa Mendez

FOFA (Friends of Oaxacan Folk Art) Honorary Mention

FOFA “Honorando nuestra raices, explorando nuestros sueños, 2016”

Made with Copal wood, woodcarving technique gouges, machete and sandpaper, decorated with acrylic paintings.

Laura was born and raised in the woodcarving town of San Martín Tilcajete, but is self-taught as a painter. With nine years of experience, she handles her materials with precision and exuberance. Her title is a word play, understood as both a “royal dream” and a “real dream.” Her decorative painting of a piece carved by a friend is a celebration of technique and imagery, showing Zapotec symbols of water (blue circle), earth (green square), fire (red square) and air (yellow swirls), interspersed with cultural icons, Frida Kahlo and Oaxacan Guelaguetza dancers; the maguey and piña plants; and regional customs, occupations and art work – all cast whimsically on the body of a rhinoceros.

Dimensions: 8" x 14" x 10" in or 20 x 35 x 25 cm

Weight: 2.6 lb or 1.2 kg  

Time of Preparation: 1 Month

San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca-Mexico

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